SPA Rituals

Orange Blossom

Body peeling with Orange Blossom essence and aromatic relaxing massage. Duration 1h y 20 minutes. 105 €

Deep Hydration

Collagen body wrap with sweet violet essence and aromatic relaxing massage. Duration 1h y 30 minutes. 120 €

Silk and Gold

Silk and gold body peeling, wrap and hydration. Duration 1 h y 20 min. 120 €

Exotic sensations

Body peeling, chocolate wrap and a relaxing massage. Duration 2 h. 175 €

Citrus essences

Body peeling with citrus essences, collagen body wrap with orange essence and Illumination facial treatment with vit. C Duration 1 h y 30 min. 160 €

Fruits of the forest

Body peeling with raspberry essence, fruits of the forest body wrap and Anti-age facial treatment. Duration 1 h y 30 minutes160 €

Hamman Rituals

hamman tratamientos en Лечение Los Monteros SPA & Golf Resort 5* GL



  • Back.
  • Legs.
  • Anti stress (head, neck and shoulders).

Our localised massages are designed for those parts of your body that need specific care, either for relaxation or releasing accumulated tension. Duration 25 minutes. 50 €

Relaxing aromatic

If you want to relax and forget about your worries, we recommend a relaxing aromatic massage. Duration 50/60/90 minutes. 80/90/120 €

Drenaje linfático:

A gentle massage that helps drain lymph from the tissue and eliminate it through the lymph ducts.Recommended when fluids are being retained and you are on a weight loss diet. Duration 50 minutes. 80 €


According to oriental traditions, in order to enjoy good health and physical and mental well-being, your vital energy needs to flow along meridians or energy channels, without obstruction and in a balanced manner. Ayurveda massages return this balance by stimulating the meridians and marma points. It is an all-encompassing and relaxing massage that returns the body, mind and spirit to harmony. Duration 1h. 90 €


It is based on the manipulation of different points on the sole of the foot; these points represent our entire organism through nerve endings. Duration 50 minutes. 80 €

Physiotherapy and osteopathy:

Seeks to recover lost bodily balance, through the use of different therapeutic techniques to reactivate self-curing mechanisms: joint manipulation, muscular energy and mobilisation techniques, etc. The treatment depends on the type of injury and the patient. No two treatments are the same and a unique personal approach must always be followed. Duration 50 minutes. 90 €

Body Aesthetics

Citrus body peeling.

Duration 30 minutes. 50 €

Flowers essences body peeling

Duration 30 minutes. 50 €

Seeweed wrap

Duration 45 minutes. 70 €

Wraps and body Hydration

(Choose your wrap: Collagen, Caviar, Fruits of the forest and Silk and gold) Duration 55 minutes. 80 €

Anti-Cellulite treatment

Seaweed wrap and anti-cellulite massage.

Duration 1h and 30 minutes. 120 €

Facial Aesthetics

Deep Hydration.

Duration 50 minutes. 70 €

Facial Hygiene

Duration 1h. 80 €

Ilumination with Vit C

Duration 50 minutes. 90 €


Duration 1h and 15 minutes. 95 €

Special for Man

Duration 50 minutes. 70 €

Other Beauty Treatments

Manicure express

Duration 30 minutes. 30 €

Manicure Spa

Duration 45 minutes. 45 €

Pedicure express

Duration 40 minutes. 40 €

Pedicura Spa

Duration 50 minutes. 55 €

Plus French manicure

5 €

Remove permanent nail polish

15 €


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