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Los Monteros Spa & Golf Resort

One year after the return of the Racket Club at Los Monteros of Marbella

By | 12 February, 2020 | 0 comments


After its reopening in 2019, our Racket Club celebrated its first-year last weekend with an amazing Paddle Tournament that weas well received by more than 200 players from Marbella and surroundings, thus exceeding all expectations.

Los Monteros Racket Club sports facilities are part of a historic area in the hotel that hosted international tennis competitions held during the 1970’s in the city.

This exclusive sports center consists of 6 crystal paddle courts, 4 Top Clay courts, 3 hard tennis courts and an innovative Beach Tennis & Beach Volley court with natural sand. In addition, it has a Snack Bar with a stunning terrace, a gym and a sports shop sponsored by Adidas brand.

We have two latest developments: the Top Clay court includes a surface of hybrid clay with a natural filling to make the tread more comfortable and, on the other hand, the Beach Tenis & Beach Volley has natural sand from Cádiz (the only quarry in Andalucia).

The concept of the club is defined by a new experience of paddle and tennis open for all age’s public of the town, both amateur as professional levels.

Lessons, tournaments, paddle mix leagues will be carried throughout the season, as well as international reference events that will restore its historical essence. For instance, the first matches of the World Paddle Tour 2020 and the second edition of MARCA Junior Cup Under 18 that let us watch in action the best rackets in the world at Los Monteros Racket Club.

The Racket Club de Los Monteros was inaugurated in 1971 by Austrian tennis player Lew Hoads, who throughout his career won the Davis Cup four times and won four Grand Slams (1956-57), as well as others International tournaments. During this decade, these tennis courts hosted great importance matches, such as the popular tennis match between Europeans and Americans.

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