Thermal Circuit

To escape stress and day-to-day weariness, you should not ignore the benefits offered by all forms of water, which can improve your health and alleviate muscle tension.

Our Thermal Circuit includes a 33°C salt water swimming pool, as well as the opportunity to relax on hydro-massage beds or feel the benefits of high pressure jets of water, specifically designed to release tension from all areas of your body.

Our facilities also include:

  • Finnish sauna:

    ideal for strengthening your immune system and purging toxins.

  • Turkish bath:

    The level of humidity, almost 99%, helps purify your respiratory system and hydrate your skin.

  • Hammam:

    With higher temperature and humidity than the Turkish bath, but with similar positive effects, in the hammam you can relax and experience oriental exfoliation rituals, which will purify and renew your skin with 100% natural products.

  • Gommage Room:

    A room where you can enjoy oriental treatments in the purest traditional style. Inside, mysterious oriental aromas mix with sinuous sounds of water and the expert hands of our therapists will carry you off to a state of deep relaxation, while renewing and embellishing your skin. For further information: Hammam rituals.

  • Aromatherapy shower:

    Mandarin essence is a citric aroma that brings multiple benefits to your health. Not only does it purify and hydrate your skin, but it also leads to a mind-body balance, leaving you feeling soothed and comforted.

  • Contrast shower:

    Different jets of pressurised water and different temperatures stimulate blood flow and tone your skin.

  • Revitalising shower (cold):

    Necessary after time in the sauna or Turkish bath; a healthy challenge.

  • Ice pool:

    Use to reduce body temperature after a Finnish sauna or Turkish bath and to treat certain areas of the body that need to be decongested. It is ideal for rubbing on legs to decrease feelings of tiredness and to help firm up tissue.

  • Foot bath:

    a short circuit specifically for feet and legs. Jets of water give massages and release muscular tensions and the stones stimulate the sole of the foot, with a similar effect to reflexology.

  • Heated ceramic and wooden beds:

    One of the best options for releasing muscular tension, as well as a great place to rest while sampling our wonderful infusions.

  • Relaxation sunloungers:

    Comfortable sunloungers for rest and relaxation during the thermal circuit.

Precio Circuito SPA

Circuito Básico (45 minutos) 30 €
Circuito Deluxe (1 h y 30 minutos) 50 €

Precio especial clientes hotel
Circuito básico (45 minutos) 20 €
Circuito deluxe (1 h y 30 minutos) 35 €

Kit de chanclas y gorro de natación: 3 €


  • Our opening hours are 11 am to 8 pm.
  • Under-18s are not allowed to enter the thermal circuit.
  • The use of swimming suits, sandals and swimming hats is mandatory for accessing the Thermal Circuit.
  • The duration of the basic circuit is 45 minutes and the deluxe circuit last for 90 minutes.
  • It is necessary to make an appointment in advance.
  • Hammam rituals are not included in the basic or deluxe circuits. Further information can be obtained in the Hammam Rituals section.