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Los Monteros Spa & Golf Resort

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Welcome to the Human Resources Centre of Hotel Los Monteros Spa & Golf Resort 5*GL

We are a team of professionals that are committed to the idea of having highly qualified staff that work under the principles of flexibility, commitment and enthusiasm, creating an excellent working atmosphere among all of the hotel staff. It is all of this that makes success possible at Hotel Los Monteros.

With a team of almost 200 members, in accordance with their role, the staff at Los Monteros is focused on customer service and on satisfying the needs of our guests, always with the premise of improving continuously and also basing their work on mutual respect.

At Hotel Los Monteros we are committed to the training and development of professionals at all levels in order to broaden their skills and knowledge, with the objective of guaranteeing a better performance in their current roles as well as offering support so they can reach other roles that require more responsibility. Career plans add value to the company as well as being able to retain the best talent.

Los Monteros Spa & Golf Resort
Los Monteros Spa & Golf Resort
Los Monteros Spa & Golf Resort

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Currently, there is no vacancy at Hotel Los Monteros. However, you can send us your resume to the following e-mail address: cv@monteros.com

The hotel closes on 1/11 until further notice for renovations, we do not know at this time if it will continue to operate as an independent hotel.