You will lose weight but above all, you will gain health.

Los Monteros 5* GL offers a “Low Calorie Stay” programme with which you can lose weight in a healthy way without going hungry, thanks to a great team of professionals where nutritional education and our exquisite Mediterranean cuisine is the programme’s essence, enjoying an environment of the highest category and level of services in Marbella.

The diet that we offer is based on 100% natural and ecologic quality products prepared by our expert chef of healthy cooking. In this sense, our nutritionist shall draw up a rich and varied menu which will be presented in attractive dishes, retaining their aroma and natural flavour. It is a healthy diet that will allow you to enjoy Haute cuisine without sacrificing the pleasure of eating good food.

In Los Monteros Hotel 5* GL, we take a step further with the new test on genetic diagnosis; a test performed on a sample of saliva, which provides us with the relevant genetic information for the personalization of the diet and lifestyle of people with overweight and obesity (personalized nutrition, “diets a la carte”).

During your stay at Los Monteros Hotel 5* GL, you can get personalized information on which foods help you not to gain weight, age quickly and keep diseases such as cardiovascular diseases or diabetes at bay thanks to advances in Nutrigenomics, a relatively young science that studies the interaction between genes and diet.

The “Low-calorie Stay” programme in Los Monteros 5 * GL Hotel offers two different options to stay at the hotel:

dieta a la carta Nutrition Los Monteros SPA & Golf Resort 5* GL

Dieta a la Carta

Just 1850 € per person VAT Included.
7 Nights Package.

Book also this program for your colleague for only 750 € VAT Included. !

programa recal mini Nutrition Los Monteros SPA & Golf Resort 5* GL

RECAL Program

Just 3600 € per person VAT Included.
14 Nights Package.

Book also this program for your colleague for only 1400 € VAT Included. !