Discover the offers of our Nutrition Programmes: Customised Diet, Recal and Intensive Weight Loss. Book yours now.

Los Monteros 5* GL offers you a “Low-calories Stay” during which you can lose weight healthily without being hungry thanks to a team of professionals. The nutritional education and our exquisite Mediterranean cuisine will be the essence and you will be able to enjoy an atmosphere of the highest quality and level of services in Marbella.

What does it consist of?

Diet based on natural products of the highest quality and dishes elaborated by our chef, an expert in healthy cooking.

During your stay, our nutrition team will advise you and help you correcting your eating habits in order to favour weight loss, motivating you to continue with a healthy lifestyle once your stay is over.

This programme offers a free and full analysis of the segmented body composition. This analysis will define your BMI (Body Mass Index), healthy fat percentage, visceral fat, extra and intracellular liquids (evaluation of liquid retention and oedemas), muscle mass index, mineral bone density and metabolic age.

New test on genetic diagnostic:(Optional)

A test made with a sample of saliva that gives us relevant genetic information to personalise the diet and lifestyle of overweight and obese people (personalised nutrition, “personalised diets”).

Personalised analysis on which foods help us not to gain weight, gain living years or keep away cardiovascular illnesses or diabetes thanks to the advances of Nutrigenomics, a relatively young science that studies the interaction between genes and diet.

The Low-calories Stay programme at Hotel Los Monteros 5* GL can be carried out in three levels of stay: