The History of Hotel Los Monteros

Founded by the Salamancan businessman, Ignacio Coca, Los Monteros Hotel was opened in 1962 with 35 rooms, but its high demand caused it to expand on three occasions and became a grand luxurious hotel of 168 rooms, 20 luxurious villas of more than 440 employees. The hotel currently has 173 rooms of which more than half are Junior Suites. Special guests from all social spheres have stayed in these rooms such as Queen Ingrid of Denmark, Michael Jackson, Julio Iglesias, Camilo José Cela, Baroness Von Thyssen, Lola Flores, Sean Connery, Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith and Carlos Herrera.

Its restaurant, “El Corzo” was the first hotel establishment of Spain to receive the Michelin Star. The hotel complex represented a valuable patrimony for Spanish tourism, made up of: Los Monteros Hotel, the “Río Real” golf course, the tennis club, “La Cabane” Beach Club and the equestrian club.

Little by little, it was turning into a large sports centre. It had the local government’s first golf course – “Río Real”; a tennis club with seven courts and was also turned into a head establishment when the five-court squash centre was complete.

Los Monteros introduced a French invention in Spain and due to this, our country is now used to serving our fish dishes with a fish slice, which was very curious back then.

Its “La Cabane” Beach Club was one of the world’s first to open and pioneer on the “Costa del Sol”. In 1965 already it was already possible to enjoy this space beside the sea and this was subsequently copied in other places due to its great success. The current Spanish monarchy – who were Princes at the time – were the first to visit it.

It staged large events such as a “Hungarian” fashion design show which brought people in from all over the world, and more recently, more than 200 people paid a large amount of money to attend a lively dinner party at the beach club for an intimate concert with our singer, internationally known as Julio Iglesias. Some of these guests privately flew in for the occasion and stayed in the Hotel’s best Suites.

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